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Exclusive services and digital cover for you and your loved ones

What does this medical insurance cover?

Sanitas Más Salud Familias offers all the basic assistance services that all members of your family may need:


Primary care medicine

You will be able to access basic health services of Family Medicine, pediatrics, nursing, and general emergencies.


Access to all specialties unrestricted doctors

Cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gynecology and obstetrics, pulmonology,neurology, ophthalmology, oncology, traumatology, etc.



You can have at your disposal up to a total of 50 sessions per insured and year.



You have 20 psychology sessions per insured and year, without medical prescription or authorization.


Speech therapy

You also have 20 speech therapy sessions. They cover both speech defect and failure organic.



Entry and stay in the hospital.


Diagnostic Tests

You and your family will have available all diagnostic means necessary: clinical analysis, ultrasound, X-rays, MRIs, endoscopies, CAT, etc.


Therapeutic methods

Your family members will have access to all kinds of treatments: chemotherapy, radiotherapy, rehabilitation sessions, therapies respiratory, logophony, lithotripsy sessions, etc.


Surgical interventions

Whether or not they require hospital admission.


Dental Coverage

Sanitas More Health Families includes the dental insurance coverage, so all your family will have access to the services offered by the dental network centers and dentists of Sanitas, with 30 services included in coverage and up to a 21% discount on the rest of the treatments.

Exclusive coverage for the care of your family

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Personalised health plans via video consultation:

Personal Trainer, Pregnancy, Children's Health... There is a plan for every member of the family.


Family Assistance:

If you need it, we will help you with housework, childcare, delivery of medicines from the pharmacy, etc.


Psychology and Speech Therapy:

20 psychology sessions without a prescription or authorisation and 20 speech therapy sessions, for both speech defects and organic failure.

In addition, you have general and paediatric emergencies via video consultation 24 hours a day, no appointment necessary.

More advantages and services Sanitas Más Salud Familias

With this health insurance for families, all members of yours will enjoy different services and advantages that will help you to have a better family health care, offer you advice on health and healthy life issues and improve communication with the insurer.


Second Medical option

Obtained from world renowned specialists.


Sanitas 24 hours

Telephone service for emergencies and medical advice.


Sanitas Responde

A telephone and online platform staffed by health professionals with general advice programmes.


Emergencies in a foreign country

Your family members will have coverage 90 days abroad up to € 12,000 / year.


Sanitas Welcome

24-hour helpline to carry out your procedures in English.


online services to facilitate your procedures (make appointments, find the near est centre, medical information).

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